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Do you need the best house cleaning service in Jacksonville FL to help you with your cleaning needs? You need to call Fresh Look Home Cleaning today at 904-705-3806. We would love to take care of the cleaning so you can relax in your own home. We know there are many areas in your home that stress you out. We get it! We feel the same way in our own homes. That is why many have chosen to use Fresh Look Home Cleaning to meet their cleaning and tidying needs. Maybe you are just too busy, or maybe you are just exhausted but enjoy the benefits of a clean and tidy home. We are here to help. Reach out today for a personalized quote to see what Fresh Look Home Cleaning can do for you!

At Fresh Look Home Cleaning, we know there are certain areas of your home that often get neglected. Maybe it’s because it’s a really big mess, or maybe it is simply because you do not use that area or appliance or area in your home that often. Maybe you are just too tired to even think about tackling that mess. As the best house cleaning service in Jacksonville FL, Fresh Look Home Cleaning can help you get those cleaning tasks that are bothering you done. An area that we find that often gets neglected are kitchens. This is one of the busiest rooms in the home and can get messy really fast. We have all the tricks and tools to get your kitchen shining again. Maybe it is your microwave that is full of leftover pasta sauce or splatter from the kids morning breakfast. Whatever the case may be, we will get it wiped out and ready for use with minimal fuss. We will get that backsplash clean of last night’s dinner and make sure it is looking clean and splatter free. We will also clean the faces of all your kitchen cabinets and drawers so they are cleaned up and fresh for your next culinary adventure. We will empty the garbage for you and replace the liner in the can as well. We will clean and mop your floors for that overall clean feeling in your entire kitchen!

As the best house cleaning service in Jacksonville FL, Fresh Look Home Cleaning really understands your cleaning needs and our team of house cleaning professionals stand by our work. We are committed to exceeding clients expectations and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  We enjoy cleaning and would love to clean your space. Whether you have a home, an apartment or need us to get a home ready to move-in to for sale, we can help you with your cleaning needs. If you are interested in doing a move in or move out cleaning, to keep your home healthy and safe when potential buyers walk through, Fresh Look Home Cleaning can come and clean all those critical areas of your home with our hospital-grade disinfectants. 

At Fresh Look Home Cleaning, we have tips on when to know you need a cleaning service. If you notice any of the following, Fresh Look Home Cleaning is here to help. Some notice an odor that will not leave their home or dust accumulation in particular areas or all over their home.  Some will notice it is time to call a cleaning service when surfaces appear dull, dirty, or possibly stained. We can help with that. Others will notice the accumulation of grime, scale and dirt on interior surfaces, such as toilets, showers and sinks. We are here to conquer those areas for you too! We offer one time cleans, move in and move out cleanings and recurring cleanings. We will make having house cleaners easy, and efficient for you. We base our quotes for cleanings on homes in a normal condition. If an area of your home requires more attention or has more build up than normal, we will communicate with you and see if you would like us to stay longer to finish it. As the best house cleaning service in Jacksonville FL, we will inform you before any changes are made to the previously agreed upon price. If you declutter prior to our arrival, this will help our cleaners move more quickly through your home, but we are willing to help you declutter if you would prefer. 

Fresh Look Home Cleaning works quickly and efficiently to make sure you receive excellent service. As the best house cleaning service in Jacksonville FL, Fresh Look knows how much you value your time and your space. We will work hard to ensure you get a high quality cleaning from highly competent staff. Each member of our team is highly experienced cleaning professionals. They are interviewed and background checked prior to hire. We make sure they are professional and reliable so your home is clean on schedule and on time. If you don’t have the time to keep up with the day to day cleaning task, Fresh Look Home Cleaning’s professionals who are qualified and friendly, will come as often as you need to do all the general house cleaning for you!

As the best house cleaning service in Jacksonville FL, Fresh Look Home Cleaning can provide a cleaning that will take your home to a new level of clean. Things that are often overlooked while cleaning including cobwebs in hard to reach areas, cleaning of balconies and patios, tying and making rooms feel organized and emptying trash cans and wastebaskets are all small things that can be done to make your space feel great. We know your home only feels like a haven when it’s clean, tidy and hygienic. We know cleaning requires a lot of effort. Leave the cleaning hassle to the professionals at Fresh Look Home Cleaning. So what are you waiting for? Call Fresh Look Home Cleaning at 904-705-3806 or visit us on our website at to get a personalized quote sent directly to your email. We will reach out to you as soon as possible to see if we can meet your cleaning needs.