Before you hire us, I’m sure you have plenty of questions about Fresh Look Home Cleaning, the top rated cleaning company in Jacksonville! Take a peek at our most frequently asked questions to find the answers, or contact us if you have any further questions!

What Cleaning Products Do You Use?

One of our goals at Fresh Look Home Cleaning is to be as environmentally conscious as we possibly can be! It’s another reason why we are the leading cleaning company in Jacksonville! Our cleaning staff are trained to use the most gentle and effective cleaning solutions for your home. While we are always open to using cleaning supplies that you request, Pledge, Bleach and CLR are cleaning products that Fresh Look Home Cleaning will not use in your home. We are continually testing new environmentally friendly products to see if they live up to their word, and in turn, be worthy of helping clean your home!
Some of Fresh Look Home Cleaning commonly used products are: vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, essential oils, baking so da, dish soap, rubbing alcohol, as well as store-bought natural cleaners. Using these natural and effective products will disinfect, clean and polish the surfaces in your home just as well as those nasty harsh chemicals. Using harsh chemicals is not only less safe for our staff, but also you and your family! At the moment, the only product that Fresh Look Home Cleaning will use in a home that is not extremely gentle, is fume-free oven cleaner. Due to the fact that we have limited time in your home, ovens do not have the time needed to soak with a more natural product. Ovens tend to have the most build up and can be one of the most difficult appliances to clean. If you request not to have this fume-free oven cleaner used in your home, we will oblige, but we also may not be able to get your oven as squeaky clean as we’d like to!

To Learn About the Effectiveness of Cleaning With Vinegar, Check out This Article Here.

For each account we have, whether it be commercial or more industrial, the needs and products that Fresh Look Home Cleaning will use will be discussed with each account on an individual basis. Typically for our smaller offices, we will use the same natural products as we do in the homes that we clean! When it comes to the more industrial locations, we will use the product that is right for the job – this does include floor cleaners and degreasers. Customizing the products based on the clients needs ensures that each client is receiving the cleaning they need for their offices and plants.

Will the Initial Cleaning Take Longer Than the Ones That Follow?

The first cleaning ALWAYS takes the longest as we bring your home up to maintenance level. How much longer? The length truly depends on several factors, some of those factors are the amount of pets, kids or people living in the home, the level of buildup, decorating style and the size of your home. Most of Fresh Look Home Cleaning clients prefer to schedule regular cleanings, whether it be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Bi-weekly and every 4 weeks are our most popular recurring services. Having recurring services helps us maintain your home beautifully and keeps the time length and costs down for you.
If you’d like to use our cleaning services more sporadically, each visit will take longer than if you were to have us come regularly. The more time between appointments, the more buildup there is.

How Long Do Regular Cleanings Take?

Each home is unique, because of the home’s specific needs, it may take more or less time for us to clean your home compared to your neighbors. Once Fresh Look Home Cleaning gets to know your home, it will be quite consistent with how long each cleaning will take.
Without cleaning the space first, it can be very difficult to estimate how long it will take as our lifestyle and habits dictate how our homes are kept, and everyone is very different.
When you set up your initial cleaning, Fresh Look Home Cleaning will provide you with a ballpark estimate of how long a regular cleaning will take. Then, once we have provided the initial cleaning, we will have a much better idea of how long a regular cleaning will take.

Are Pets at Home Ok?

We love all pets, but you know your pets better than we do! If your pet is comfortable being around new people, especially those making noises – vacuum – mopping, etc – then having the pet at home is completely fine with us. To ensure that everyone is safe and comfortable, we do recommend that the animal be in a crate or a separate room for the duration of the job. If a pet is not comfortable around new people or noises, we ask that the pet be contained in a manner in which they will not be able to interact with the cleaners. Fresh Look Home Cleaning only hires cleaners who are comfortable with pets, but if a pet is acting in a threatening manner to our cleaners, they are trained to leave the home immediately until we can reach you to discuss future cleaning options.

Please Note: We do NOT walk, feed or clean up urine or feces left from animals.

Are You Bonded and Insured?

Fresh Look Home Cleaning is bonded and insured, which is one reason why we are the number one trusted cleaning company in Jacksonville. If proof of insurance is requested, we are happy to provide it.

Do You Change Linens or Do Laundry?

Regardless of linen changes – beds will always be made. If you would like to leave fresh linens on the bed and you request us to change them, we will surely take care of that for you! If you do not have a spare set of linens to use, we can launder them also, just make sure to let us know! Additional laundry can be done as well but you must communicate this with us in advance to ensure that we have accounted for enough time to complete the task.

Do I Need to Be Home for the Cleaning?

No, only if you would like to be. Upon booking, we will ask you if you will be home or how we will be able to enter the home if you plan to not be there. For the initial cleaning, most of our clients prefer to be home to show the cleaners around and explain any areas to give special attention, and explain any areas we can avoid. The majority of our regular clients trust our insured house cleaning professionals with a spare key or a key code to enter the home.

How Does Booking Work?

Once you fill out our easy estimate request, we will contact you within 24 hours with an estimate. We will also clarify any details needed at this time. Once you book your cleaning, you will receive a confirmation email along with our client guidelines for you to sign and return to us prior to your cleaning. That’s it, now you can get back to the more exciting things in life!

What If I Want Something Done That’s Not on Your Checklist?

We are always open to requests! Please don’t hesitate to ask; we pride ourselves on being accommodating! As long as Fresh Look Home Cleaning is able to complete the task (have the right tools and training), we would gladly add extra tasks to your cleaning! We request 48 hours notice prior to the visit to ensure we can allot any additional time needed. Being flexible and accommodating is how we became the leading cleaning company in Jacksonville.

What If I Just Want to Book a Few Hours of Cleaning With You?

Absolutely! We have plenty of clients that request a certain amount of hours to stick within their budget. We charge hourly, and will discuss a priority list for your visit to ensure we hit those main areas in the time we have! We have a 3 hour minimum.

How Does Payment Work?

After the cleaning, we will send an invoice to you via email, which is due upon receipt. You can pay with a debit/credit card or check after your service. If you do not have a debit/ credit card or email, you can stop by our office to pay also! Please note that any lack of payment from prior cleanings will prevent us from being able to provide services in the future, once your bills are paid we will be happy to return. If there is a history of continual late payments, payment prior to cleaning may be required. We do require a debit/credit card to be on file with our office if possible – this will never be charged unless your invoice goes unpaid 7 days after service.

What if I need to cancel my appointment?

We understand that things come up and life happens, and sometimes you need to cancel. In order to help prevent any last minute cancellations, you will receive reminder emails and text notifications prior to your cleaning. Fresh Look Home Cleaning does require a 48-hour notice for cancellation – email or voicemail are acceptable and all messages are time stamped for accuracy. At the time of cancellation, we will go over a time that works best to reschedule your cleaning. If you are unable to provide 48-hour notice you will be charged 25% of your cleaning. Any same day cancellations will be charged 50% of the cleaning. All cancellations must be made through our office.

What If Something Is Broken or Damaged During the Cleaning?

Fresh Look Home Cleaning only hires cleaners who have integrity. That means, we shine a spotlight on an issue, rather than sweeping it under the rug. If anything is broken or damaged, our staff are trained to photograph it and report it immediately, without being reprimanded. Each cleaner is careful and respectful of your space, but we are all human and accidents do happen. Once the damage is reported to the office, we will contact you to discuss a quick and fair resolution. We will do our best to repair or replace an item that is broken. Each residential cleaner is fully insured, and therefore an insurance claim can be filed when applicable. If you have any irreplaceable items we ask that you put these away or in a safe spot to ensure it’s safe keeping. Please communicate any concerns you may have during booking. Please note, we do not replace or repair items that had existing damage or were improperly installed.

Do Your Housecleaners Accept Tips?

Tips are never expected, but are greatly appreciated, and are accepted. Most clients prefer to tip a little at the end of each cleaning, but some prefer to provide a large tip at the end of the year. We love hearing that our work is appreciated and if you’d like to leave a review on our website or Facebook page, we’d greatly appreciate that!

How Often Can You Provide Service?

We can provide services as often as you would like. Fresh Look Home Cleaning is happy to provide services weekly, biweekly, monthly or sporadically. Some clients request cleaning services for special events or move in and move out services. As the leading cleaning company in Jacksonville we are happy to work on a no-contract basis, which means that you can update or change your service schedule to accommodate your needs or budget as they change. For commercial clients we can provide services either during the workday or after hours – whichever best suits you.

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