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At Fresh Look Home Cleaning we are the best house cleaning service in Jacksonville FL. We provide residential services such as deep cleanings, recurring services, move in and move out cleanings and apartment cleaning. No job is too big or too small for our experience and professional cleaners at Fresh Look Home Cleaning. We can work with your time and your budget. Today we are going to talk more about our move in and move out cleaning service we provide. At some point in your life, you will move into a new home or apartment. There is nothing worse than having to worry about deep cleaning your new place when all you want to do is move your belongings in and get settled in. Moving is a tough process and cleaning can take away from all the fun and excitement that comes with moving into a new place. We know moving is a stressful process and we are here to help. 

At Fresh Look Home Cleaning, we want you to stress less and have more peace of mind when it comes to moving in or moving  out. Our moving services are top notch. We clean every nook and cranny. We know that a new space does not feel like home until it has been thoroughly cleaned and all traces of the previous owners wiped away. As the best house cleaning service in Jacksonville FL, Fresh Look Home Cleaning will go through your home or space with detail and make sure you are 100% satisfied with your cleaning. 

As the best house cleaning service in Jacksonville FL, we know that the room that takes the longest to deep clean is the kitchen. This is where most families or individuals spend the most time. I mean, we all got to eat! When we deep clean a kitchen, we clean the interior of our windows, including the window tracks. We will also clean the window blinds and window sills. All baseboards will be wiped clean as this is a favorite gathering place for dust to build up and spills to hang out. All of the corners and molding will be cleaned. We will sanitize points of contact in the kitchen such as commonly used surfaces, faucets, sinks, outlets, light switches, drawer pulls and cabinet door knobs. Will clean the exterior or your stove suc as drip pans, cook tops, the exterior oven door and control panel. We also clean the interior of your oven. Our cleaners will clean the interior and exterior of your refrigerator. The interior cleaning would include shelves, drawers and the door. We wipe out freezers if they are free of ice or frost the best we can. We will wipe down and sanitize all the counters to get rid of any dirt, grime, or build up. Our cleaners are trained to know all the tips, tricks and use the tools to get everything ready for you. 

If you have a microwave or a toaster oven present in the home, Fresh Look Home Cleaning will get rid of any buildup or crumbs left behind. As the best house cleaning service in Jacksonville FL, we will clean both appliances inside and out. Our top notch cleaners will clean your backsplash to make sure it is splatter free. We will wipe and clean the inside of every kitchen drawer , cabinet and cupboard. The kick plates underneath the cupboard will be cleaned too. This is an area that is often forgotten, but is a noticeable time to clean in a kitchen.  We will wipe and sanitize all cupboard doors and handles and even wipe the cupboard hinges if needed. Our cleaners will empty any garbage left and finish by sweeping and mopping the kitchen floor. We are detailed oriented cleaners and we are very dedicated to giving you the best cleaning possible. Reach out and see what Fresh Look Home Cleaning can do for you in your kitchen!

When Fresh Look Home Cleaning cleans a bathroom we will start by dusting to make sure all ceilings and corners are cleaner of dust and cobwebs. Then we will clean light fixtures and hard to reach places. We will scrub your bathroom sink, faucet and counters until they are clean and free of debris. As the best house cleaning service in Jacksonville FL, we will work diligently to get rid of any hard water build up in your tubs and faucets. We will wipe your bathroom mirror to a streak free shine. The drawers and cabinets in the bathroom will also be cleaned inside and out. And we will sanitize the handles. We will make sure to deal with any build up or grime in your tile showers. The toilet bowl will be scrubbed and the outside of the entire toilet will be wiped down and sanitized. We will finish with scrubbing floors to give the whole room that refreshed look. Ready for you or new homeowners. 

So what are you waiting for? Still need more reasons to book with the best house cleaning service in Jacksonville FL? Reach out to Fresh Look Home Cleaning today to get a quote on your move in or move out cleaning. You can do this and get all your questions answered by giving us a call at 904-705-3806 or visiting us on our website at You fill out the quote request form with the required information and we will get back to you as soon as we can with your personalized quote. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for our cleanings. Our cleaners are bonded and insured to protect you, our cleaners, and the possessions in your home. One simple call can lead you to experience a sparkling clean space to move into. Give yourself your time back while moving and call Fresh Look Home Cleaning to meet your cleaning needs. We look forward to speaking with you and helping you create more time in your day to take care of what you need to. Let the professionals at Fresh Look Home Cleaning take care of the cleaning for you!