Best House Cleaning Service in Jacksonville FL | Get Relaxed in Your Freshly Cleaned Space

Ready to have the best house cleaning service in Jacksonville FL serve you? Then you need Fresh Look Home Cleaning! Give us a call at 904-705-3806 or visit us on our website at Fresh Look Home Cleaning was started to help those that needed an extra hand or two with home cleaning. If you are ready to get on the schedule with the professionals at Fresh Look Home Cleaning we would love to serve you. We can help you with the cleaning of one space or your entire home. Let us help you reclaim your home one room at a time!. We can customize our cleanings and our schedule to meet your needs. We do train our staff to move as quickly and efficiently as possible. We are licensed and insured to protect our cleaners, your home and your possessions. That means you are not liable if damages were to occur in your home or an injury were to happen to our cleaner in your home. We love that we can offer this peace of mind to you, our clients!

We know how much more relaxed you feel in a clean space. We feel the same in our own homes. As the best house cleaning service in Jacksonville FL, Fresh Look Home Cleaning knows how difficult it is to keep up. Many homes are dual income homes, which means both parents are working outside the home. Regardless of your family situation, we know that keeping up with a home can prove to be difficult. We know that coming home to no dishes in the sink and a clean and sparkling space gives you time to enjoy relaxing and doing what you love. We want to give you that time and freedom back. We want you to have the time to come home and just relax. We want you to have time to enjoy what’s most precious to you or what you enjoy dog most. We were founded to help anyone that is feeling overwhelmed by cleaning tasks. We are not just for moms or working families or single guys. We are here for all groups, all age groups and all family dynamics.  We are here and ready to serve you. We know that you may have started cleaning or it has been a while since you got to the cleaning and you are feeling overwhelmed. We do get clients that mention they are embarrassed to reach out for help. That is exactly what we are here to do. To help you and to give our clients peace in their own homes. After all, your home is supposed to be your sanctuary. Let Fresh Look get you back to that place.

As the best house cleaning service in Jacksonville FL, we serve many clients in the Jacksonville area. Our professional staff will make sure to greet any challenge in your space with a grateful and positive attitude. Our values at Fresh Look Home Cleaning give us high caliber individuals which gives us an advantage over our competitors. We will follow up with any concerns about a cleaning as soon as possible and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We will perform quality checks if necessary. If you raise a flag of concern for any reason, we will be sure to make it right. We will make sure we get a cleaner to fit your needs. We know that you will be thrilled once you see the cleaning we can do for you!

At Fresh Look Home Cleaning, we love to serve our clients and their families. As the best house cleaning service in Jacksonville FL, we make sure to work with you and your schedule. We can come as frequently as you need and offer discounts for the more you have us serve your home. If you find your current cleaning schedule needs to change or the length of time needs to change, give us a call and our friendly office staff will make sure to work with you to fit your cleaning needs. We know that circumstances and life changes. We can change and adjust with you. We know how important it is to have time ith yourself, your family and how important it is today to have a relaxing and peaceful home to retreat to. Give us a call at 904-705-3806 and see how we can help. 

As the best house cleaning service in Jacksonville FL, Fresh Look Home Cleaning loves to even serve your pets. Believe it or not, pets are more relaxed in a clean space. We know that they come with hair and messes, but we do not mind! If your pet is comfortable with new people, you can certainly leave them out to roam the home. If they are timid or nervous, we would ask that you kennel them for their safety and the safety of our cleaners. As long as your pets are okay with new people in your home and loud noises like a vacuum cleaner, they can certainly be out. Some clients like to put them in a separate room or kennel them. Either way is okay with us. We want everyone to be healthy and happy when your cleaning is complete. 

So are you ready to have the best house cleaning service in Jacksonville FL serve you? If so you need to reach out to Fresh Look Home Cleaning today. We would love to come and conquer the cleaning so you don’t have to worry about it. We do typically book in advance so to reserve your space or get a free quote give us a call at 904-705-3806 or fill out our free quote request at Please visit our Google page to see our five star customer reviews.We would be happy to serve you and your home and give you amazing results like our clients mention in their reviews and testimonials. We know what you will be so glad you took the time to have Fresh Look Home Cleaning do the cleaning for you!