Best House Cleaning Service in Jacksonville FL | Help With Those Busy Days

Have you been searching the web for cleaners to clean your home? Do you need a company that is licensed and insured?  Do you simply need a company that responds to your inquiries, phone calls or text messages? Are you looking for the Best House Cleaning Service in Jacksonville FL? Then you need Fresh Look Home Cleaning! You can get more information online at our website at and book a cleaning on our website very quickly. We make it easy and convenient to give you the best experience possible. 

At Fresh Look Home Cleaning we are here for you. As the Best House Cleaning Service in Jacksonville FL, we know days can be hectic. We are here to make sure you have one less thing to do. I know for me, as soon as I get up in the morning, it is go, go, go. We typically wake up between 5:00 AM and 6:00 AM. By that time one of our four kids is up banging around the kitchen looking for something to eat. We let the dog out and started preparing breakfast, coffee and our lunch for the day. We discuss the plan for dinner and my husband is off. I usually try to spend five minutes enjoying waking up and drinking my coffee, but then it is making sure backpacks are ready. I spend about ten minutes doing a quick tidy of something in the house and by then all my kids are up and the frenzy begins. 

As the Best House Cleaning Service in Jacksonville FL, here at Fresh Look Home Cleaning we know  your mornings are hectic. Before a cleaning we ask if you can have some things picked up. This gives our cleaners time to move through areas more quickly and give them time to be even more thorough. If your mornings are like mine as described above, we know every morning is not the same and the routine can be thrown out of whack due to a kid having a meltdown from missing a shoe. We know that sometimes you don’t even get to breathe and enjoy your coffee because you are too busy with kiddos or pet messes or phone calls or work. I know in the morning for me, I get distracted by work messages or emails and then it is like super panic mode to get the kids out the door and to the bus stop in time. Some days I forget my lunch or leave my coffee somewhere. It can be tough. That is why Fresh Look Home Cleaning is here to help. We want to provide you with one less thing to have to worry about. 

Fresh Look Home Cleaning, we understand that you may need to change up your services or have us add on some services during your cleaning. As the Best House Cleaning Service in Jacksonville FL, we can do that! Some of the add on services we provide include cleaning the inside of your fridge or your oven. Those are two of the places we often forget about until we open the door or need to use them and it seems it is always on the back of our mind to get them done. Another service we can add on to your cleaning is cleaning the interior of your windows. Who doesn’t have kid finger prints or dog noses on their windows! This is a place that gets dirty quickly, but often gets neglected when we tidy up. I always see windows as more of a deep cleaning task and I often skip over it when I am getting my home ready for guests. Its always refreshing to get these areas done. 

Some other items that we can add on to our regular services at Fresh Look Home cleaning are cleaning the inside of cabinets. Boy do we know how quickly crumbs and debris can accumulate in our kitchen cabinets. As the Best House Cleaning Service in Jacksonville FL, we can clean those for you too! It is so nice to have this service done at least once per year. Other extra services include doing laundry, washing and folding it, cleaning up after pets and cleaning of your basement or attic. At Fresh Look, we make it so easy to book your home cleaning. We have you fill out a simple and easy to follow form and you can see your base pricing in our booking summary right away. If you would like to add any notes on your cleaning you can do that right on your booking form as well! We make it all so easy and convenient to get your home cleaned! You can get pricing and booked for your first cleaning in sixty seconds! It is super simple and we can send you an appointment confirmation right away.

So what are you waiting for? You can book with Fresh Look Home Cleaning today, get pricing, get booked and have an appointment confirmation sent directly to your email.  As the Best House Cleaning Service in Jacksonville FL, we would be thrilled to give you a hand with the regular cleaning and any deep cleaning tasks you may have. Let us know at the time of booking. If something changes, give us a call at 904-705-3806 and let us know what we can do for you. You can even pay securely on our website with a visa, mastercard, discover or american express card. We will charge the card you provide on file after the appointment is completed. So you don’t have to worry about paying an invoice on time. We take care of the cleaning and make the process as easy and convenient as we can. Please reach out today for more information at 904-705-3806 or visit us on our website at to edit and manage your booked cleaning online. If you are not happy, we will refund your money. Our professional cleaners are friendly and background checked. We provide fast email responses and friendly customer service. Get your time back in your home with Fresh Look Home Cleaning today!