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Are you looking for the best house cleaning service Jacksonville Beach? If so, and you’re living in Jacksonville Beach, Florida,  don’t hesitate and contact Fresh Look Home Cleaning. We have years of experience cleaning residences in the Jacksonville Beach, FL area, offering various services, from recurring cleanings to move-in/out cleanings. Your satisfaction is guaranteed with us!

Discover Jacksonville Beach, FL

Jacksonville Beach, Florida! Any newbie will be swooning over the splendor of this charming spot. Airbnb properties and luxury beachside hotels are among the options. To be sure, there’s more to this place than meets the eye, and Jacksonville Beach is the best evidence of this. 

Even if you’ve never been to Jacksonville Beach, you’ll be surprised to learn that it’s a popular destination for beachgoers of all stripes. You couldn’t possibly turn down a location with such a charming name and stunning natural surroundings, right? The most delicate things to do in Jacksonville Beach are right here, so let’s not spend more time digging right in! 

The northern Florida city of Jacksonville Beach is a popular tourist destination along the coast. Sand beaches and breathtaking sunrises have enticed visitors from around the area since the 19th century. In contrast to the southern Florida beaches that often get more attention, Jax Beach has a lot to offer visitors. 

In Jacksonville Beach, the Atlantic Ocean laps the beach. There are many water-based activities for families, couples, and lone tourists within a short distance from the white sand beaches. There are plenty of bars and restaurants to choose from, as well. You may find the Intracoastal Waterway on the city’s opposite side. The waterway is a thick marsh that has yet to be investigated in its entirety. 

Our Services

At Fresh Look Home Cleaning, we are willing to go the extra mile to please our clients. We continue to build our business as a reliable house cleaning service in Jacksonville Beach, FL. Whether you’re in need of daily, weekly, bi-weekly home cleaning, move-in/move-out cleaning, we are at a super-easy booking away!

Spend Time Living in Jacksonville Beach, FL

Jacksonville Beach is a popular move, and locals know why. BEFORE moving to Jacksonville Beach, you should research the area. Moving has many perks and downsides. It would help if you studied before migrating to Jacksonville Beach or elsewhere in Florida. Our mission: 

Going to the beach may be on your agenda as you plan your afternoons and weekends. In Florida, and especially in Jacksonville Beach, there are many things to do. How can you choose among so many beaches? Here are five of Jacksonville’s best beaches for visitors or free afternoons. 

Jacksonville Beach has many career possibilities, outstanding leisure amenities, and year-round mild sunlight. Why wouldn’t people move cross-country to this tourism center? Jacksonville Beach, Florida, is a great place to work and play. 

Jacksonville Beach House Cleaning Done Right

Jacksonville Beach has varied architectural styles that and lavish apartment buildings. At Fresh Look Home Cleaning, we know how to take care of all homes properly.

Apart from a simplified online booking process, we are flexible when it comes to rescheduling or making any changes concerning a booking. Unlike most cleaning services in Jacksonville Beach, you can contact us any day of the week, up till 8 pm.


With years of experience under our belts, the first thing you can expect from our team of professionals is cleaning results that surpass any expectation. Regardless of the size or type of your home, we possess the skill and know-how to conquer even the most challenging household cleaning job. Our maids have cleaned houses across Jacksonville Beach, FL with two simple goals in mind: get the job done safely and thoroughly.

We believe in “honesty is the best policy.” Hence, we are extremely picky when creating our team of hardworking, trustworthy, and friendly cleaning experts. Each employee has been background checked and passed face-to-face interviews and tests with flying colors.


Time is precious. Spend more time doing what you love while our Think Maids keep your home clean & tidy


Our skilled professionals go above and beyond to provide you with a consistent experience and joyfully clean home every time.


Time is precious. Spend more time doing what you love while our Think Maids keep your home clean & tidy


Customer service is more than our job. It’s our calling! We’re always available to answer your questions and happily fulfill your cleaning needs.


We process your payments securely through our online platform, and you aren’t charged until the cleaning is complete.


Stay in touch with your cleaners before and after scheduled appointments with our fast & easy online chat feature.


Take a look at the projects we are proudest of. We love to work in every type of home and always deliver top-quality results!


We have the experience and the tools. What are you waiting for? Booking your home cleaning service is super easy. Let us clean your home!