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Have you been searching for the Best House Cleaning Service in Jacksonville FL? You do not need to look any further! Fresh Look Home Cleaning is here to serve you! We pride ourselves on taking the stress out of house cleaning for you and removing that chore from your plate. We know the struggle of having to keep up with house work while going to work, or trying to keep a social life or all of the other things we pile on our shoulders. We also know that it is nerve wracking and at times can be vulnerable, to let someone into your home. Not only are our cleaners bonded and insured to protect your home and possessions, we hire people with integrity and that are empathetic. These actions are take to give you the peace that you are hiring the best and will get quality service. 

Fresh Look Home Cleaning knows that many, especially these days, find themselves overwhelmed with all the tasks that come with keeping a tidy home. If you are finding it difficult to clean up your children’s messes faster than they can make them or you’re spending too little time doing the things you love because you are cleaning, Fresh Look Home Cleaning is the right choice for you. As the Best House Cleaning Service in Jacksonville FL we are bonded and insured to project your blocking and every cleaning is satisfaction guaranteed. We flooking cling checklist to make sure you get the same great clean every time. We have many awesome cleaning technicians and you can request specific cleaners and we will do our best to accommodate requests. We have many five star reviews from our satisfied clients for you to read.  

If you are booking with Fresh Look for the first time, we do ask that items are picked up, so we can clean as much as we can and as efficiently as possible. If there are knick knacks and some items left on tables or shelves, weil will do our best to clean underneath them and return them to their original location throughout the home. Whether you decide to be home during your cleanings or you would prefer to leave. We leave that entirely up to you. As the Best House Cleaning Service in Jacksonville FL, our technicians are trained to work around you, your pets and children and your day to day activities. Our office is easy to get a hold of and they will quickly answer any questions or make any changes that you may have to your appointment or any future appointments. Online communication is important to most these days and it can make it easier for you to stay in touch about your scheduled cleanings. Our friendly and positive cleaning technicians and staff make it easy to book your cleanings with Fresh Look!

At Fresh Look Home Cleaning, we bring all the tools and supplies. That way you do not have to worry about supplying us with anything. Special requests can be made, but we try to stick to more natural cleaning solutions for your home. We are truly committed to exceeding our clients expectations at all of your appointments. We are always open to constructive feedback and suggestions to make Fresh Look the best house cleaning service in Jacksonville FL. We know that you may be exhausted. You could be busy with work and/ or raising kids. You may have pain that prohibits you from the movement that cleaning requires. Whatever the case may be, our Fresh Look Home Cleaning team is here for you. We offer weekly, bi-weekly and monthly cleaning services. We also do rental cleanings. If you are interested in our services, please reach out today or fill out our quick and easy booking form on our website. You will get a confirmation email of your booking or we can send you a text. We can create an account for you so you can login and modify your bookings at any time. 

Fresh Look Home Cleaning wants you to know you do not have to juggle everything in your home. The stress of the day to day tasks in our home gets overwhelming and it can truly take away from what really matters most – spending time in our homes doing what we love or with our loved ones. Time goes so fast. Let Fresh Look take care of the cleaning for you. Just scheduling one appointment with the best house cleaning service in Jacksonville FL can make a big difference. Start spending time with your family, building cherished memories and doing what you love. Let Fresh Look Home Cleaning take care of the cleaning. Our cleaners find joy in bringing you a clean home. We pride ourselves on our cleaners having integrity and doing what is right. We hire cleaning technicians that have a truly positive outlook and work and life! After all, we get to do something truly amazing – make our client’s life easier and happier. Give us a call today at 904-705-3806 to schedule your appointment.

Most say that integrity is an important quality to them, but not everyone is able to do the hard things in the moment that call for integrity when it is most necessary. The crew at Fresh Look Home Cleaning, integrity means always doing the right thing, even when it’s not what is easiest at the time. It is doing the right things even when you think no one will know about your actions. This means holding ourselves and everyone of our employees to an extreme level of accountability so that our clients are always getting the service and treatment they expect from the best house cleaning service in Jacksonville FL. By having Fresh Look into your home, you can spend more time on the things that matter most. Give us a call, email us, or visit our website at  to learn even more. We look forward to serving you and your home! Thank you for stopping by and visiting Fresh Look Home Cleaning!