Should You Be Home When Professional House Cleaners Come?

Hiring professional house cleaners is a great way to keep your space tidy and help you take a load off. If you’ve been considering hiring home cleaners, you may wonder if you should be home when they come. The answer to this depends on your specific needs and preferences. 

What are Professional Cleaners?

Professional cleaners can provide an array of services to ensure your property looks its best. From deep cleaning and polishing to sanitizing and deodorizing, professional cleaners can take your parcel to the next level. 

Professional cleaning services are excellent for residential and commercial spaces, including retail stores, offices, and industrial buildings. The cost of professional cleaning services will vary, but the added peace of mind and consistent quality results are worth the price. 

Should You Be Home When You Hire Professional Cleaners?

You are not required to be home when you hire a professional cleaner. In many cases, you can just provide the cleaner with a key to the property, and they can complete the work while you are away. 

But being home when the cleaners arrive at your property can be beneficial for a few reasons.

The Pros of Being Home While Cleaners Work

  1. Real-time instructions. It allows you to provide any necessary instructions and answer any of the cleaner’s questions in person. 
  1. Immediate feedback. Additionally, being home during the cleaning process allows you to assess the service quality in real time. You can ensure that the cleaners use the correct cleaning products and techniques and provide immediate feedback.
  1. Safety. By being present, you can check the identity of the cleaners and make sure they are with the legitimate cleaning company you have hired. You can also provide access to locked rooms, drawers, or safes without compromising your belongings.

The Pros of Being Away While Cleaners Work

Not being home while the cleaners are at your property can be beneficial in several ways. 

  1. Less stress. Leaving your cleaners alone eliminates the need for extra supervision because they can complete their tasks without distractions. It allows you to relax while the cleaners take care of your property. 
  1. Faster completion. The cleaning process is often completed faster when owners are away. The cleaners can work without interruption and complete the project in a shorter amount of time. 

It can be especially helpful if you work with a tight deadline or need to finish the project quickly.

  1. Convenience. It’s convenient for property owners to have professional cleaners work even when they’re out of state or county and then come home to a freshly cleaned home.

You can leave a detailed list of instructions for the cleaner to follow in your absence. You can discuss your preferences and expectations in advance so the cleaner fully understands what needs to be done.

Whether you are home or away during the cleaning process, make sure you have a clear agreement with the cleaners. A professional and reliable company should provide experienced and knowledgeable staff to ensure your satisfaction.

How Will the Cleaning Company Access My Home While I’m Away?

Discussing access to your home with the cleaning company is important before the appointment. 

Depending on your preference and the policies of the cleaning company, you can provide the cleaners with a key to the property, a garage code or keypad number, or any other form of access you feel comfortable providing.

If you decide to provide access to the cleaners, make sure you discuss the arrival and departure policy of the cleaners. 

It is always essential to ensure that the cleaner is trustworthy and experienced, so make sure any company you hire is fully insured and bonded. Ultimately, the cleaner you choose should make you feel safe and comfortable.


Whether or not you choose to have a professional cleaner work with or without you at home is entirely up to you. You may supervise the cleaning process if you want to be more hands-on. 

But if you prefer to sit back and relax, you can trust your cleaning company to do an excellent job without you present. Either way, you can be sure that your home will be sparkling clean when the professionals are finished!

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