Best House Cleaning Service in Jacksonville FL | Start the School Year with a Freshly Cleaned Home

When looking for the best house cleaning service in Jacksonville FL, you need a reliable company with a solid reputation for trust, integrity and a professional staff that has the passion of changing lives one clean home at a time. Look no further than Fresh Look Home Cleaning. At Fresh Look Home Cleaning we hire only the most trustworthy and friendly staff to make sure your cleaning service is always a positive experience. We have over forty 5-star reviews from our clients that would agree. OUr cleaners are thoroughly trained and have been selected specifically for their positive attitudes and work ethic. It is our goal to provide a quality and personalized cleaning at each and every visit. We use green cleaning products to ensure your pet and family stay safe. We will consider any unique needs or cleaning products you may request. Our team would love to take care of the cleaning for you  so you can take care of more important things in life. We would be proud to serve you and your home and provide you with excellent service along the way!

You will love our friendly house cleaners at Fresh Look Home Cleaning. They will greet you with a smile. That is why we are the best house cleaning service in Jacksonville FL! Our friendly and trustworthy staff sets us apart from other cleaning services. We will make sure you get the same great clean each and every time. That is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We are licensed and insured to protect your precious belongings from theft or damages. Our cleaners are incredibly trustworthy and are trained to take great care in our client’s homes. For your first cleaning, you can be home if you wish to be. Many times, our clients choose to leave their home unlocked on the day of their appointment and go about their regular work day. A cleaning appointment day may be a good chance for you to get out of the house and get some shopping done or some of those muche needed errands run. Pets are welcome to be out while we clean as long as they are friendly and good with new people and new sounds. Our cleaners love pets! 

There is no better time to get you home into tip top shape. It is such a great feeling to start fresh with a sparkling clean home this time of year. Schedule your cleaning today with Fresh Look Home Cleaning. Imagine hosting summer or fall parties in your immaculate home and being able to focus on celebrating the seasons and spending time with loved ones, not just mess afterwards. As the best house cleaning service in Jacksonville FL, Fresh Look Home Cleaning can make all of this happen and more. There are several add ons or additional services we can provide for you. Such add ons include inside of the fridge, inside of the oven, interior windows, inside of cabinets, laundry with folding, pet clean up and basement and attic cleaning. An oven or fridge cleaning can really take the stress off your shoulders. It is two of the areas that bother you, but seem difficult to get to. Out of sight out of mind, right? These two add on services are very popular among our clients. You would be shocked to see some of the before and after pictures that our cleaners have taken. There is nothing more satisfying to clean than an oven.

On top of some of the add on services we offer that were mentioned above, Fresh Look Home Cleaning can adapt to our clients needs. This is what truly sets us apart as the best house cleaning service in Jacksonville FL. Sometimes life can just be a bit overwhelming and we are here to do whatever we can with the cleaning to relieve a little stress for our clients. Fresh Look Home Cleaning’s hiring process ensures that we are only hiring only the friendliest, most trustworthy and reliable candidates because we are about who we let into our clients homes. At Fresh Look Home Cleaning, we care a lot about what we do for our customers. Our favorite thing to be a part of is seeing the look on our clients faces when they come home to a clean house. After your appointment we would love it if you would give us a review or contact us directly at 904-705-3806 and let us know how your services went. We have a detailed follow up process to make sure you are satisfied after each and every clean. 

There are many qualities that truly make us the best house cleaning service in Jacksonville FL. but one is our cleaners’ great attention to detail. When we clean, we clean everything from the toilets to the light fixtures, to the little ledges on top of your shower or top. Those little spots on your sink fixture that you never thought  would come off. The professionals at Fresh Look Home Cleaning will get your sparkling and make your bathroom feel like an oasis again. You will be amazed by how your bathroom shines after our cleaners leave. We only use the safes cleaning products to ensure that no harmful cleaning products damage things such as hardwood floor or stainless steel. We will get all the stress causing areas of your home sparkling so that you can relax and enjoy the fun and important things in your life. 

At Fresh Look Home Cleaning we understand the struggles that come with keeping a tidy home. When you have kids it feels like there is a mess around every corner. We know that it is hard to get everything done that needs attention. As the best house cleaning service in Jacksonville FL, we are changing lives by helping people get their time back with their families. After your appointment you will get a follow up phone call to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with all of our services we provided. IF something happens and you are dissatisfied we will make it right. What are you waiting for? Call our office and schedule your cleaning today. We know you will be thrilled with the cleaning you receive from Fresh Look Home Cleaning!